Ini Memalukan Siapa?

Nota Tentang ‘Saya’ (di laman facebook tejathanaif@thanaif) oleh Tejathanaif Thanaif pada pada 13hb Oktober 2011 pukul 11.27 pagi.

 I am Lelawati binti Mohd Ali which is the legal person to all my nick names tejathanaif, thanaif, teja thanaif, tejathanaif thanaif, Laila Ali. All my rights does not belong to any one. I am still alive and never dying yet. 🙂 I AM STILL ALIVE – my Id number is 7—-15 not 14 for the last digit number!!!!!

I do not have any relation with my eldest sister members family or any connection with my husband family members from Johor (exceptthe relationship as a in law).

 I am not a UMNO members and i am not an active Parti Islam members.

I am on my self doing what i have start on cyber as a free writer cyber.

I do create my nick names thanaif while i am in Qatar. When it more to arabic names i use teja to perform my nick names more as a malay muslim lady.

Do respect my self as a legal person on my rights on all my nick names which does not belong to Kerajaan BN or Kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat in Malaysia.

I do not have any intention or willing to have any connection with any Sultan or Raja from any country!

As a blog writers on my wordpress blog, my blogspot. multiply blog i never have been paid a cents eventhough i do realized my notes have been using by someone.

My facebooks and twitters does not support me when i am trying to get an attention from my own family and friends to prove that i am Lelawati binti Mohd Ali which they do know me as a real person. have been cheated thanaif@tejathanaif when they do manipulate all my legal facts about my roots and anchestor. How come a small person like me have about 55,865,258 waris kerabat when thanaif IS NOT A SURNAME BUT IT A NAMA PENA to Lelawati binti Mohd Ali.

Respect my own choice on my self not as what any one want me to be. I do use only bahasa melayu/bahasa malaysia on every blogs and do not translate it in any language because i do understand that all my blogs have an intellectual property rights even though i don’t buy any domain name for thanaif and tejathanaif but it does not means i use my nick names as public domain.

I want my rights on my names.


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