English Is My Second Language


isu peribadi ini berbangkit semula setelah lama ianya diabaikan.

Pada jam 3.30 petang waktu Doha sewaktu melayari paparan website Forbes.com yang menganjurkan pengaplikasian B&B didapati masih akses internet jalur lebar fiber optik kegunaan di rumah saya diganggu.

Tatkala itu saya sudah melayari SKYPE kemudian log off bagi menjadikan twitter saya on line menerusi twitter.com namun ganguan kekal berlanjutan.

“Mereka masih menyembunyikan diri untuk dikenali sebagai penjenayah siber,” dluahkan emosi sesalan di dalam diam.

Minda meminta saya menjelaskan informasi yang perlu diterangkan untuk dihormati.
Emosi saya berujar semula perlukah semua ini dan untuk apa?

“Agar dihormati hak mu yang diberikan oleh Alah Subhanahu Wataala.”

My twitter, twitter.com/thanaif is the valuable speaking mind I had since I try to make all my blogs being easy to understand.

I do summarize my blogs using twitter and facebook to help they understand my writing mind blogs since 2005 until now.

My concern is why they keep cheating on my rights as a blogger writer?

Cheating on my pen names thanaif, tejathanaif and eilahaniff after you know I am a malaymuslimah married women who is almost 50 years old and never go to college or university .


Why you never agree with me to write everything about me alone?

Because of what you not willing to accept all about me, when all my rights be taking without my permission?

Again I must tell you about the destroyer you have did on my self by create multiple identity on my pen names – even you know I am Lelawati binti MohdAli.

Why American is not my choice to have my writing notes?

It because their corrupt system be design to be part of education programe when under it law certain limited users are be accepted without permission from the author and the truth owner.

How long this will keep going as your system?

Which is the most ugly and beast in this case?

You must stop this ‘stupid game’ – it not fun to be excellent by doing the bad things on others.

Let me tell the truth about your unsuccessful on design your generation :

For me it much like the Guyana 1978 tragedy when your ethnic being crazy on religious way to have ‘guru’ as the only person to be loyal!

With loyal attitude how many person who have a trust on the ‘guru’ be suicide in one day according to that time?

By asking his followers to suicide the worst become a harmful to America who are keep re shape everything in the way how they want it to be.

Have I make an easy way to have critical thinking and understand how to use it?

Do I make a bias on the Christian by mentioning Guyana 1978 misbehaving teaching?

Same goes to jews and arab issue why must have a bias on each others?

American re-design and re-shape on leadership is still create THE PROBLEM.

A simple solution for leak of confidence in your design of leadership system is not to have Muhammad bin Abdullah Sallallahualaihiwasalam as the key figure.

He is not only has a good quality in arab and muslim world but for all universe.

Why you never willing to have ‘My Lover’ (Muhammad bin Abdullah Sallalllahualaihiwasalam) as an example?
Because he is ummi and not understand english or french and never know how to count?
Because he do not know mathematic and does not analyze any human issue with science even he is the most great ‘lover’ in the duniawi and ukhrawi and love by our Creator?

Let see :

Who is pass thru ‘Black Hole’ and going up above the cloud?

Does he is free from gravity on that time? This is not physic?
How about ayat 17 in Surah Al-Kahfi :
Grid Positioning System according from the sun lean make we can read coordinate.

Who is realized about 50 is many then 5 in rakaat solah?
Does he is not begin the basic of mathematic?

Who is use the critical thinking to analyze the society and emotion?
Does he is using his brain for intellectual, spiritual to built maddani civilization
on Hudaibiyah and Madinah Piagam Treaty?

Does Muhammad bin Abdullah Sallallahualaihiswalasalam be a looser when he have to turn back from Mekah to Madinah after arrived Mekah – they are walking more than ten days to Mekah and being asked to return back – does he is a looser?

Who is be drive on the most speeding machine to calculate by the light?
Does he is using ‘Buraq’ as a time machine?

I do understand Al-Quran use my language – I learn Al-Quran to make a sense on the new approaching how to re act on the fact according on modern civilivization.

I cannot be a memorize person in Al-Quran – please understand.

P/S :

It shame when you still use philiphino or any ethic to perform health by not eating food as a routine on my appearance!

I will never accept this! Just be myself means iu i never need any guide to use others needed on me!

thanaif and tejathanaif & eilahaniff does not have any connection with any pinoy or indian or chinese roots – feel bad to think ‘you’ still keep argue me about by using my sons and my husband.

Shame on me too?


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