Letter To Israelnn.com (Israk Mikraj Medium Technology Among Our Prophet)

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RE: You can get married THIS YEAR – but only 12 HOURS to make it happened
(Maklum balas dari email yang dikirimkan oleh Israelnn.com)

I do not agree with any prediction.

Third is my faith built from tauhid Uluhiyyah and Rubbubiah.

What have be planned for each of us are already fix by The Creator.

It maybe have a difference for you when your God is not the same illah i have to obey…


As i tell earlier for muslimah like me no prediction being trust.
To learn it and have a knowledge about it is be accepted.

Learn and know the longitude and latitude coordinates that define the difference depending on the degree of a particular location is enabled.

Travel and circulatory system as well as incidents planet day and night by solar orbit galaxies and celestial magic passage planet earth and moon claimed.

All are created by Allah.

Allah did not asked us to built a home on space.

Why your religion wasting too much money on building science lab on space or similiar like it?

The sky will falling down on the end of the day…

Scientific facts is the reason to be and using brain only without have a nubuwwah to trust make people forgot about the differences between The Creator and the servant who is be created.

We have to agree only have two place for us.

It is heaven and hell.

We agree we have only two kind of people in this world.

It is believer and none believer people.

Why must have the third place?

It refer to our infant child who are die before they are being teenage (the age is around new born to 10 or 11 years old which still not reach the status of ‘baligh’.

There have a third place in the akhirat which is in between heaven and hell.

My iman for be a muslimah never need to think about what and how is the place be create because we do not being ask to think about it.

We still have Al-Quran which is still the same Kitab from the first day it given to Nabi Muhammad Sallallah hu alaihi wassalam.

We never change one words on Al-Quran nor the single arabic alphabet being change.

Please not to harm your heart with all my questions or my notes on my blogs on thanaif and tejathanaif or eilahaniff pen names… it only for my muslim readers, to let them learn to be a good muslim in every way they can.

I do not have anything to give to them who are be very good to me since my first day of using internet …

P/S :

Dear Madame/Sirs Israelnn.com,

I have an impotant issue to have your answer.

After you decide on American leadership and his goverment what is your intention on world financial this coming century after we realized we will left this world by a death?

Was Israel policy much important then have a secure on gulf countries?

We do know jews is a black people and christian is a white people why muslim with multi colours people have to be a main reason for your monopoly system?

i do like to ask you to give back all my notes which are be send on 2006.

Nothing to pay back for all the good things they are giving to me to make me have an opportunity to write what ever i like.



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