Ramadhan Create Many New Things In Muslim Life

For The Readers Who Left The Comments :

Introduce yourself. I am writing to have many suggestions for my women,
my muslimah women.
I am LelawatibintiMohdAli a malay malaysian muslim lady staying in Qatar.

I am not good in english neither arabic but the eager to give a solution make me write my blogs.

As an example for PayPal Service :
I would like you to think to have a payment service from door to a door without using bank account.
It can make an easy way for a women all over the world being more creative to earn the money by staying at home and give more places for the man to have a job.
Why does people who get a salary and payment have to double their income by doing the PayPal Service?
You can help increase the jobs by doing this when in Qatar as an example a few of us never have a home address and never rent the p.o box at post office.

Facebook, Twitter And Websites :
Who did sent a spam on all my internet access using 3 IP Address?
I do use your facebook to help young people to understand logical thinking itself not necessary to have Al-Quran as a pictures books.
I take an opportunity to use the social media to declare that i never argue about anyone rights but i do want you to respect me as a legal person who is having a full owner status to thanaif, tejathanaif pen names before i use my new pen names eilahaniff and mustarhaniff.
I have a lot to do with the limited time and twitter be the priority for me to manage my activity.

Why i am telling all this?

I have friends who are hide their self for a reason that can be accept.
But this create a problem because people will not understand what is information and which one is a story and try hard to put a trust when they could not know people they should known.

I am writing for the cause to have a truth s the main subject.

I am writing to have a communication with jews, christian and arab itself for example.

Mostly my writing is for a women and my focus is on my muslimah sisters.

I am not a good listener.

On Disease :
Those who are suffering because of cancer need a natural water beside of fresh environment.
HIV need a history as a knowledge from Al-Quran.

On Young People :
A new design to be a rich person have to add the ukhrawi facts by knowing the ‘zahir batin’ function and how it different from ‘The Rich Dad And Poor Dad or How To Get rich’ concept.
Akhirat as the future must be a commam sense with no argument.

What and how do we think when this world is more smaller then what we think?
Can we accept maller means we do not have to be police or soldier to have a peace and keep it when we have to watch and guard to control our own self.
What had we did and make our the people trust in law?
Did government handle economy activities by a law?
Does it will reflects back to our own family by trusting in the law (muslim have syariat)

My simple solution is do not tell the lies.
By telling the true it never cost any cents and it not same as when we duplicate more then 2.0 gegabyte others right without notice.
Education system must not design from corrupt and lies concept.

My pen names are my trade mark.


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