Ya Ukhtie

Arab country have their own opportunity on women market when the fikh in islamic family laws being respect.

My concern is where is muslimah arab own girls or lady and women to grasp this opportunity?

How to produce the fashion of fikh by muslim women dress makers?

Pink is a colour image create for certain community, is it?
What pink means for islam?

Arab being a foreigner market to earn money and how about religion as a market in this country after promote education as a major focus to develop your nation? I feel bad to think the way of arab wealthy culture when no differences can be trace on the way of life.

How good consumer muslim being create to be after political and economy solution being re shape, after democracy create country community, still the same value be perform by the same necessity but from new generation?

The change is only about the business. Money is the main issue.

Who influence still dominate the people?

Still denied akhirat as a human future?


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