Let Calculate How Much Will Cost For Arab Prince Sweat

14 RabiulAwal 1435
15 Januari 2014

Dear Arab (Qatarian)
Listen -i really hate a few of you!

I really do.

I will never send any short messages service to 92627 after you access illegally my email and my twitters!

‘You be fuck’ by any of ethnic people who come to your land to get a job?
That is your first mistake after we don’t have any colonial decade.

Second – that mean your education system is still make your people can’t do anything without support by others people- means you are not independent!
(And you have intention to move on? By your money ehk? Let create another Abu Nawas who being giving a high power to hit your ruler!)

Third – mix marriage even with not the real good women or man is your first intention among your oldest man and their young girls or boys? What is the high priority to be your condition? I pray prostitute is not the first qualified.

Fourth – arab people does not proud on Nabi Muhammad sallallah hu alaihiwassalam?
Near to Madinah and Mekah does not means anything to you when pompom cheers girls on American football and entertain to cheers up arab family in the weekends?

I wonder is it true two holy masjids must be part of a clone clowns!


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